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Switch Poker for android review

On this page you read everything you need to know about Switch Poker for android.

Important Notice:

Sign-up bonus:

  • 100% up to €600,-
  • Ipod (for details visit the Switch Poker website)
  • Ipad (for details visit the Switch Poker website)

Doesn’t except players from the United States

In order to play with real money on the Switch Poker for android app, you need a Switch Poker account. No account? Register for free at Switch Poker!

General info:

Switch Poker is a newcomer to the world of online poker, but is increasing his market share rapidly. The reason for this? Switch Poker doesn’t focus primarily on poker software for PC or Mac, no, they focus on mobile poker software. That’s also the reason they got second place at Poker for Android. By focuses on mobile poker, they accomplished a lot with their android app. Because Switch Poker isn’t around for a very long time, the number of players isn’t very high, but there are always enough players for a quick game of poker. Switch Poker for android doesn’t offer all the different games you would normally find on a regular online poker site. You can only play Texas Hold’em ring games. If you prefer to play another poker type, we advice you to choose another android poker app, but if you’re a Hold’em player, Switch Poker is an excellent choice.

Game Play and Usability:

Focusing on mobile poker, instead of regular PC or Mac online poker, paid off. Switch Poker has made an android app with excellent game play and usability. You can play on your Switch Poker android app on the go without any compromise. The android app has good graphics, large cards, large betting amounts, so you can see everything as clear as you would on your PC or Mac.

The android app also provides an excellent multi-table function. All the tables you play are shown on the left hand side of your screen. By clicking on them you can switch between tables. It’s very easy to use.

Security and customer services:

Switch Poker has a very tight security program. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption to secure their software and website. This is the same protection software used by PayPal, the Bank of America and The Google Play Store. So your money and personal info is safe with Switch Poker.

They also have a very fast customer service. They do not provide a live chat function, but if you send them an e-mail the chance if very high that you will receive an answer the same day.

If you want to read more about their security or customer service, please visit their website.


Excellent android poker app. Scores very high on game play and usability, but we would like to see some more poker types, like Omaha, and different game types.

Poker types:

  • Texas Hold’em (no-limit)

Game types:

  • Ring games