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Welcome to the one and only Poker for Android Poker Shop. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the only gambling review and news site that has it’s own poker shop. We thought to our selves: what are we missing? After some long hard thinking we come to the conclusion that it was this, a dedicated poker shop that has everything you need to perfect your game, organize your own tournaments, or just fine-tune your set-up. In other words, everything the poker player needs you can find in our dedicated poker shop!

Poker Sets

Poker Sets for one of the most important product groups in our poker shop. They are our top-sold products and we’re not surprised. Who doesn’t like to hang back and enjoy a great night of live poker with your poker buddies?

We offer a large variety of different sets. We have added the more basis models to our shop, but we also have some very fancy ones, such as a full set, including dice and buttons, that allow you to engrave your initials into the chips. Who doesn’t want that?!

Poker Tables

Having a poker set is nice, but what’s the use if you don’t have table to play on? You’re not going to play on the ground, are you? That’s just wrong. Luckily for you our poker shop has just the thing to solve this matter at once. In our Poker Table category you can find a great selection of the best tables money can buy.

Our shop houses a range of tables in all shapes and size. You can find easy-to-store models, which you can fold away. You can find put-on-your-table-top models, which offer great value for money. And, last but certainly not least, you can also find the most exuberant table you will be able to find online!

Poker Books

Fine-tuning your home set-up is of course great, but you have to think of education as well. You have to finish school before you can start playing with the big boys. To make sure you will be able to play with the big boys we have selected some great books for our poker shop.

You can find a number of great books in our shop about a wide variety of different poker types and games. If you want to study tournament play, we got you covered, if you want to study Omaha, we got you covered, and so on. And of course we have Doyle Brunson’s Super System.

Card Shufflers

So, now you know that you can find poker tables, sets and books in out store, but there is more! One of the problems we have with playing with our poker group that dealing can take up a large part of the playing time. The main reason, shuffling the cards. We have a solution for that. Our shop has a wide selection of great card shufflers, which can solve that issue in no time.

In our poker shop you will find a wide range of different card shufflers. We made sure that our shop has a model for everyone. You can find basic models that can do as they promise. We also have casino-grade shufflers that would not be out of place in Vegas.

Chip Cases & Trays

Last, but certainly not least, you can find some great poker chip cases and trays in our poker shop. If you are a regular live gambler you will probably know that carrying a lot of chips can be quite a hassle. With a nice case or tray you can solve this problem right away. Just check our shop and you will find a wide range of different models.