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Betfair’s General Info

Betfair first saw the light when it was founded in 1999 and has made a lot of progress ever since. It started out a betting company that offered a betting exchange online. Quickly it moved on from just sports betting and added more gambling opportunities. Betfair first expanded with an online casino and quickly added online poker as well.

About Betfair’s android poker app we can say: we like it! They have proved that they really moved on from running a betting exchange. With this app they show that they know all expects of online gambling. Betfair’s android poker app offers a lot of great tables with active players and challenging games.

Also, if you sign up with Betfair you don’t just get a great new poker app, but you can also play at their other gambling opportunities. Their online version offers a betting exchange, sports book, pools betting, live casino, online casino and arcade games. In short, Betfair got you covered.

  • Ring Games (Hold’em)
  • Sit-N-Go’s (Hold’em)
  • Multi Table Tournaments (Hold’em)

Betfair for android has a number of games for you in store. First of all Betfair’s android poker app offers a number of great ring games. You can play a lot of different stakes. You can find micro and small stake tables, mid range tables and even some high stakes tables. In other words, Betfair offers a wide range of different tables, so you will be able to find the level that fits you best.

To continue, Betfair’s android app also offers some nice Sit-N-Go’s. Depending on your preferences, Sit-N-Go’s are create to mix it up or really focus on. Betfair offers a wide range of Sit-N-Go’s. So, it doesn’t really matter with way your preference points if you like Sit-N-Go’s Betfair can deliver. The stakes are well covered as well, but you should note that the high stakes tables know a small amount of players. If you’re a high stakes poker player we would advice one of our other apps, like 888 Poker.

Last, but certainly not least, Betfair on android also offers MTTs. These are the hardest to master, but the pay-off can be very high. On Betfair you can find some very decent MTTs. Ranging from small to medium and high stakes. Again, the high stakes MTT can know a relatively low amount of players.

Betfair’s Game Play

Betfair on android is also scoring well in the “Game Play” department. When you open the app you will see that Betfair knows poker. They have created a good interface, which makes it easy to navigate to your desired table. Also not important the app has a good design, which makes it suitable for long hours of play as well.

When you join one of the tables you will, again, that Betfair knows its poker. All important details, such as the cards, bet module, bets and more are made big enough, so you can also use Betfair on smaller devices. The game play is quite fast. On the regular tables the time limits are relatively low already. Betfair also offers a fast game play mode on their android poker app. This is perfect is you love to play hand after hand without have to wait to long, but be warned! Fast game play is a lot of fun, but regular tables will bring in the most cash in the long run. If you have more time you will be able to make more thorough analyses, which will benefit your play.

The players you can encounter on Betfair can best be described as medium to advanced players. Most of Betfair’s users come from their other gambling opportunities, so most of them aren’t poker players by hart, but they do know gambling. You can also use this to your advantage. If you know your opponents like to gamble you should tighter up your game and wait for the good hands and let your opponents do the betting for you. Aslong if you play with discipline you should be able to rake in the money.


  • Sign-Up Bonus: 200% tot €1500
  • €40 welcome package
  • Live Tournament Satellites
  • Loyalty Program

Important Info

  • Trade Name: Betfair Poker
  • Company: Betfair Entertainment Limited
  • License: Malta, United Kingdom, France


To sum up Betfair’s android poker app we can tell you that it’s definitely worth your while. It’s a great app that has a lot to offer to all kind of players: beginners to advanced.

The only down side to this app is that if you’re a high stakes player you might need to look a bit further, but beside that a great android poker app!