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The creators of Switch Poker had one goal in mind: android poker. This focus has led to one of best android poker apps currently available. This app is fully optimized for mobile use and works perfect on all devices. It also has a great multi-table function, so you can play 4 tables at once

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Switch Poker Review

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General Info

Switch Poker is one of the only operators that has focused on mobile poker from the start. Or to be more specific: android poker. The company behind Switch Poker is called Rekopware Enterprises en is located in Costa Rica. Rekopware Enterprise is a young company. It was founded in 2010, but has gained a decent market share since. The number of players grows every day and they are also planning to add more games.

We’re hoping to see Sit-N-Go’s soon. This would be a very good improvement, but for now all ring game players can already have a lot fun at Switch Poker. We expect to see Sit-N-Go’s in the near future. For the last few years Switch develop their android poker app’s ring games and have made a lot of progress, so we expect them to shift focus soon.

The focus on mobile use really paid off. Switch Poker offers a great android poker app. The app is well thought out and offers a lot to players who love their game of hold’em. Another thing you shouldn’t forget is the fact that you can try Switch Poker for free. Just claim their €5 no-deposit bonus and start playing.

Switch Poker’s Games

  • Ring Games (Hold’em)
  • Bitcoin Poker (Hold’em)
At this moment Switch Poker only offers ring games, but they don’t just offer one type. You can choose to play with cash or with Bitcoins. As far as android poker apps go this is a very unique feature.

Switch Poker also took good care of the stakes. Beginning players can start playing the micro stakes of $0,01/$0,02 or $0,02/0,04. More advanced players can play the higher stakes, ranging from $0,10/$0,25 up to $5/$10. Especially the $0,10/$0,25 and $0,25/$0,50 limits are always popular. The high limits still have a small number of players, so if you are a high stakes player we would suggest another app, such as 888.

Switch Poker’s Game Play

The game play of this not bad, not bad at all. Especially the usability of the app is great. It’s very easy to use. This app is still very easy to use even if you have small android device. Switch Poker did a very good job in this area.

Switch also made sure that all important details of the app are made clear and easy to handle. All tables, cards, bets, etc. are made as big as possible, so you can play this android app without compromise. Although Switch Poker hasn’t been around as long as the rest, they sure did a good job.

Another aspect of this app that we like is the multi-table function. As we mentioned before, playing multiple tables at once is no problem. In our opinion, Switch Poker offers one of the best multi-table function of all apps.


  • Sign-Up Bonus: 100% tot €600
  • No-Deposit Bonus: €5
  • €500 SPP Race
  • Facebook Promotions

Important Info

  • Trade Name: Switch Poker
  • Company: Rekopware Enterprises
  • License: Costa Rica


The focus on mobile use really paid off. The game play and the multi-table function are simply excellent.

In short, a very strong android poker app that is perfect for the serious hold’em player. Especially the hold’em player, that likes to play multiple tables at once.

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